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Red Rabbit Graphic & Logo Design

Your logo is a vital aspect of your brand identity. Your customers and clients must recognize it quickly and clearly when interacting with your company. It is important that you invest in a quality logo design that has been created using experience, skill and dedication. At The Red Rabbit Studio there are a few key components used to ensure your logo is of the highest quality:

  • Originality. A fully unique design without clip art, stock art of mimicry of other designs. 100% original.
  • Simplicity. No clutter, lost details or unnecessary elements.
  • Scalability. Readability at any size for maximum usage.
  • Impactful. Stand out fro your competitors with a strong and purposeful design.
  • Versatility. Digital usage, print material and social media. Your logo needs to be capable of cross-usage success.
  • Relevance. Modern design that stands the test of time and speaks directly to your audience and demographic.

Selection of Client Logos:

  • Global Orthopaedic Supply

  • Mr Muchacho

  • Bodies & Beyond

  • Fraser Heights Wine Cellar

  • Draft Dodger Designs


  • Ortiz Heating & AC

  • Dunbar-Pointgrey Appliance

Graphic Design

Like your logo, graphic design elements need a professional level of execution. Business cards, flyers, conference booths, merchandise and digital usage are all important for a strong and consistent brand.

At The Red Rabbit Studio there is a focus on total brand design solutions:

  • Social Media. Your social platforms all require unique design considerations based on cover and profile sizes. Additionally, posting to each platform requires consideration on how they will be displayed to your audience. Your branded designs must meet these standards to be successful.
  • Business Cards. A powerful networking tool that is vital for getting people the info they need to connect with you and your business. From design to print, all stages of your design are handled by The Red Rabbit.
  • Flyers. Find a unique design for your flyer campaigns. Don't settle for template designs that only look tired and boring.
  • Booth Design. Going to a conference requires a lot of your time and resources. Let your booth stand out by trusting The Red Rabbit Studio for your booth designs.
  • Branded Merch. Tees, mugs, hats... all that merch and giveaways need to be designed properly branded.

Facebook Cover Design, Event
Client: Strummers, Fresno, California

Facebook Profile Design, Event
Client: Strummers, Fresno, California

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