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Red Rabbit Brand Development

The Red Rabbit Studio uses a general 10-step strategy to development your brand. Since each brand is unique, these steps will be expanded, modified and changed to suit the special and unique needs of your business brand.

1. Branding strategy road map.

A strong start to your brand development is crucial to greater chances of success. Your overall brand strategy will set the tone and strength of that starting position. By creating a strong brand development strategy, you'll have a solid ground to make informed choices based on milestones and goals.

The Red Rabbit Studio will create a road map for you to follow and use a guide as we develop your brand. You'll know what's happening, when and what to expect.

2. Identify and establish your target demographics with data and research.

It's not enough to have an idea of what you'd like to sell, product, service or both. It is crucial you know who you're selling to, why and how. The most successful companies know everything they can find out about their target demographics so they can sell faster, easier and more often.

The Red Rabbit Studio will create a research report about your demographic so you can make decisions based on facts and data, the two strongest sources of valid information you can depend on.

3. Research deeper into your established target demographics.

Businesses that dig into deeper research and data on their established target demographics will progress quicker than their competitors. This type of deeper research reduces and mitigates risks by providing pin-point metrics for increased decision making capabilities.

The Red Rabbit Studio will narrow the research parameters with precise information, data and recommendations based on real-world information related to your established demographics.

4. Develop your brand/market position.

It is vital that your developed position be grounded in reality based on dependable data and research.

The Red Rabbit Studio will use the research from the previous 3 steps to establish a firm position for your brand.

5. Develop your content strategy.

Content is an important aspect of every current brand. Your digital and traditional marketing and sales techniques will be hinged on the quality and consistency of your content.

Content development also needs a calendar to set milestones, crucial dates for delivery while giving you a macro-level perspective for your product schedule.

An assessment of the type of content would be vital to content development. Do you need video? If so, what type? Planning at this point means easier production ;ater.

The Red Rabbit Studio will create a content and marketing calendar for your brand to ensure that as you progress over the next year, you have a firm set of tools and information guiding your actions and decisions. Together, we'll find the best type of content that suits your brand and target demographic.

6. Develop your brand aesthetic.

It's not enough to assess the business aspects of brand development. A successful brand is backed by gorgeous design, a strong and relevant logo and a consistent brand design across a used platforms.

The Red Rabbit Studio will analysis and reassess all aspects of your brand aesthetic and make informed recommendations about what works and what needs to be updated or changed.

7. Develop your marketing strategy.

Marketing is the life blood of your brand and business. With a focused and current marketing plan, you'll be assured of a higher success rate by increased sales and conversions.

The Red Rabbit Studio will design a creative marketing plan for the purpose of attracting your demographics on the platforms that matter the most.

8. Develop your digital sphere.

Your website and social media platforms are your single most important brand development tools. Sharp and consistent graphics, mobile responsiveness and an easy to use interface will ensure that your marketing plan is executed with greater success.

The Red Rabbit Studio will create a responsive website and ocial media graphics that will help your brand to stand out. With a solid, responsive and engaging website, you'll be sure your brand has a professional feel.

9. Leverage marketing automation.

Since marketing can be time and resource consuming, it's pragmatic to leverage automation. Marketing automation will amplify your efforts while reducing work load. With a reduced work load, you'll be able to refocus your efforts on other aspects of your brand and business.

The Red Rabbit Studio has an experienced and well refined set of automation tools to use on the behalf of your brand. By connecting automation to your marketing calendar, social media platforms, website and sales funnels, you'll be assured of increased sales and conversions while creating more brand awareness and sales leads.

10. Implement, track, and adjust.

Once we've worked to build the various aspects of your brand development strategy, we'll need to focus on three parts:

A. Implementation:
Getting the process started means taking all the guides, road maps and recommendations and moving forward. The best start is one made with information and motivation towards easy to track goals.

B. Tracking
Once your brand development has begun, data and other information will begin coming in. That data must be sorted, categorized and organized. Once it's all studied and understood, we move to the third stage.

C. Adjust
With the right information and an informed sense of progress, we can begin making changes and updates to the plans that have been set into place. Once this starts we can cycle through the three stages as needed, further refining your success.

It's time to get your brand and business to the place it needs to be.

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