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Graphic Design

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Print, Media, Ideas, Idea Development
I've worked with a wide array of individuals, companies and organizations helping to develop powerful projects in a diverse range of industries.

An attention to detail is important for graphic design to really stand out. I have that type of attention and will flex my mental muscles to make sure your designs are awesome and relevant.

So, what do you need?

  • Logo: From conception to final, and future forward
  • Print media: posters, flyers, business cards, brochures, stickers, +
  • Online media: banners, ads, web layout, social media graphics, +
  • Customized QR Codes

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Graphic Design

Logo Design

Stylish QR Design

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Vector and Pixel Illustrations, Ideas, Idea Development
I am a freelance illustrator living life in Vancouver, British Columbia. My skills and and creativity were figured out at Sheridan College in Ontario many years ago. Yep, hard work.

Check out my vector and retro-inspired pixel art for games, books, merchandise and print materials.

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Web Design

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Blogger, Wordpress, Ideas, Idea Development
The Red Rabbit Studio is an established Vancouver website design studio. I’ve been creating websites for 10 years… which means I know what’s what and how to get the job done, with style. So I’ll explain the process a bit before you contact me.

  1. We’ll meet up and go over your unique needs and work together to zero-in on the best solutions to fit your vision.
  2. I’ll provide several templates that best match your market, demographic and purpose.
  3. You’ll choose a template
  4. I’ll begin creating your theme on the template.
  5. We’ll play tennis with feedback and ideas until the site is done.
Why templates you might ask? Three reasons: development costs are lower, you’ll get an idea of the layout before hours of coding is needed and the final product is delivered quicker.

Web Design Cost: $1149.00
Design Time: 2-3 Weeks

Yep, that’s pretty cost effective for a gorgeous, well-made website.

Other cool stuff:
  • Powerful SEO to help your site in search engines
  • Consistent design for a professional brand voice
  • Working 1-on-1 with me 

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Social Design

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Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Ideas, Idea Development
Social media is a powerful and potent force in today's business environment. No matter if your business is large or small, it is an important part of your business. Businesses can no longer avoid using social media. 

This is where I can help.

Automating Twitter Content:
Regular social media activity is vital, but that doesn't mean everything you contribute needs to be spontaneous or original. For a small business it is critical to be constant and purposeful with all your social media usage.

Automation Services:
I will set up a subtle and un-obtrusive automation system for your Twitter account that will auto-retweet content related to your business at a rate average of 4-20 per hour, depending on the amount of automation you choose. The system used will explore industry relevant hashtags.

What to expect from Twitter automation:
Your account will be active 24 hours a day, every day. This consistent retweet system will allow your Twitter account to attain new followers on a day-to-day basis. Typical returns average between 2-10 new followers everyday starting within 1 week of the automation starting, often times much earlier. This ongoing follower increase rate will provide new leads, opportunities and ideas for you and your business.

Automation cost: $10 per month with $20 set up - No Contract

Content Curation:
Content curation is the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. The industry that you operate your business in is the source material for our social curation strategy.

Content Creation:
Creating original, enticing and relevant content for your social media platforms can seem like a daunting task and to be honest, it is. To help you find and utilize potent and original content.

Here We Go!

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Brain Storming

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Concepts, Ideas, Idea Development
Wanna go on a work date? 

I love coffee, beer and food... I'm pretty sure you also love those things.

We can meet up and chat about your idea, with no obligation while enjoying some, if not all of those things we both love.

1. We'll lay out the problem you want to solve.
  • This may be easier said than done but it will be well worth the effort.
2. Identify the objectives of a possible solution.
  • It’s not easy and it takes time but if you can approach your goals critically and hone in on what you want to achieve, our brainstorming session will be much more effective.
3. Let's generate some solutions.
  • Do you have a grasp of the idea in it’s basic form?
  • What have you already done to develop the idea?
  • Are there examples of the idea that can be studied?
4. Once you have gotten clear on your problems, your objectives and your personal solutions to for your idea, we’ll work together to expand and grow it.

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Brand Building

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Brand Building, Ideas, Idea Development
Building your brand is a long and dedicated process, but a truly rewarding one as well. 

To showcase your brand using design, you’ll want to invest in several basic elements of the process. But don't worry, I've figured out some really cool things to help the process so it's not as daunting as you might think.
  • We'll talk about colour and the role it plays in the overall language of your brand.
  • We'll create a logo for your brand that'll kick-ass.
  • Once you've got your super hot logo, we'll find a equally awesome design scheme for your print materials, website and social media themes. It'll be fun.
  • Also, minimal levels of bullsh*t involved.

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    Elements of a powerful brand:

    • Name: The word or words used to identify a company, product, service, or concept.
    • Logo: The visual trademark that identifies the brand.
    • Tagline or Catchphrase: "The Quicker Picker Upper" is associated with Bounty paper towels.
    • Graphics: The dynamic ribbon is a trademarked part of Coca-Cola's brand.
    • Shapes: The distinctive shapes of the Coca-Cola bottle and of the Volkswagen Beetle are trademarked elements of those brands.
    • Colors: Owens-Corning is the only brand of fiberglass insulation that can be pink.
    • Sounds: A unique tune or set of notes can denote a brand. NBC's chimes are a famous example.
    • Scents: The rose-jasmine-musk scent of Chanel No. 5 is trademarked.
    • Tastes: Kentucky Fried Chicken has trademarked its special recipe of eleven herbs and spices for fried chicken.
    • Movements: Lamborghini has trademarked the upward motion of its car doors.
    • Customer relationship management 

    Mobile App Development

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    Mobile Apps, iPhone, apps, Ideas, Idea Development
    Many individuals and businesses have considered the idea of creating a mobile app for their company or idea. Mobile Apps allow you to reach new audiences and increase your brand/idea awareness. Also, people love playing wit their devices, so why not reach them on their terms? That's what the cool kids are all doing.

    Whatever your need, I've got you covered with the expertise, desire and passion to create an app that will satisfy your needs. I focus on full package app design projects that include design and art assets as needed, platform implementation, marketing, social media integration and an app website.

    I offer design solutions related to UI/UX Design, Art Assets, Web design, Social Media Integration and Marketing:

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    Printing Solutions

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    Printing Vancouver, Printing, Ideas, Idea Development

    Flyers, business cards, product labels, packaging, conference banners, signage... if it can be printed I can help.

    I'll leverage my network of print houses to find the best price vs. quality vs. delivery time for your project. I'm a nice guy like that.

    I'll handle the file management for the print job so you can focus on other things, like your business. No mess, no running around and no high fees.

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