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My name is JP and I created The Red Rabbit Studio with a focus on helping small business owners
by using long term, reasonably priced and high quality solutions.
Design Websites Social Media

  • ►Website Design

    Creating clean, simple and responsive websites for your next big idea, The Red Rabbit Studio is here for you. All websites include low set up cost, FREE hosting, effective SEO, mobile responsive, social media connectivity and much more!

  • ►Graphic Design

    The Red Rabbit Studio develops powerful communications with skillful and detailed design theory. Through conceptual process and creative thinking, your brand voice will be amplified by design that is researched and thoughtful. Your brand's online visual and print materials deserves nothing less.

  • ►Logo Design

    Make an impact! The logo you choose to represent your idea is a crucial decision and needs to be perfect. We'll create a powerful symbol for you to build your brand around, something to be proud of.

  • Additional Services

    The Red Rabbit Studio is here to take your business from concept through to reality.

    Your success is our success.
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    Tools Of The Trade

    • Current Software + Hardware
    • Print Brokerage
    • Remote Work Capable
    • Research Oriented Process
    • Strong Support Network
    • Brand Tracking Systems
    • In-House Video Production
    • Access To Latest Printing Technologies
    • Knowledge of Social Media Systems

    Positioned To Succeed

    • Over 10 Years Experience
    • Lifetime of Creativity
    • 100% Confidential
    • Relationship and Network Focused
    • Registered Canadian Business
    • Dedicated Client Management
    • Specializing in Solopreneurs and Small Business
    • Friendly Guidance Throughout the Process
    • Transparent Communication

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